Monday 7 April 2008

Get Attached to Results

It seems a little obvious to say but results matter - the reason we adopt certain processes or take certain actions is to create a desired effect, not just to exercise our procedure muscles.

All well and good but so often I run into people who are so wound up in the process, so attached to checking off the steps like a to-do list that they forget to look for the change they're supposed to be making by checking that list off.  This goes for everything from project wash-ups (looking to improve the SDLC) to performance reviews (looking improve the quality of individual's contribution and give them a workable career plan) to basic, everyday meetings (looking for a decision or consensus in a group).

Keep your eyes on the prize.  If you get to the end of a process and nothing is different you are not done.  Go back and try something else.  Get attached to creating the difference, not stepping through a script.

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