Monday 26 May 2008

Introducing The Transylvania JUG

Networking is important and the technical community is a valuable source of experience - a way to expand the knowledge available to you to levels beyond your own team.  If you can strike the right balance between business confidentiality and sharing implementation lessons then the benefits are significant.

Outside of Bucharest there are very few events in the IT community in Romania; that's why I am especially pleased to be able to help stimulate this sort of activity by launching the Transylvania Java Users Group for the Java development community in Romania.  Full credit needs to go to Gabriel Pop (one of our Java developers) for organizing the group and Csaba Szabo (one of our UI developers) for designing the group logo:


The first meeting was on Wednesday 21 May at 7pm in Betfair's Romanian office.  The topic chosen for the inaugural meeting was the SpringSource application platform - about 20 local IT professionals attended the session which was followed up by a healthy discussion and - of course - the Champions League final piped into our big video conferencing TV!

It generated enough future interest to become a regular monthly event, so if you're interested in attending or presenting at upcoming sessions, please email me or Gabi.

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