Monday 18 August 2008

Leading by Example

Another basic forgotten by so many.  Early in a switch to management, it slowly dawns on you that have a very different job to that of your team.  That's exactly as it should be, but just because you don't write [much] code anymore don't get sucked into thinking you can't still set the example!  You no longer perform the same daily tasks, but there are some basic professional conducts your team will always observe in you.

As a leader, your actions tell everyone what’s important to you and what you expect from everyone else.  It doesn’t matter if what you say is in direct contradiction with what you do – people will follow the walk you walk, not the talk you talk (risking an old cliche).

Think about the way you conduct yourself.  The times you arrive and leave, the dress code you follow, the type and tone of emails you send and your use of company resources.  If you’d be happy with your team behaving in exactly the same way then great, you nailed it.  If not, then think carefully about what you’re telling them...

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