Tuesday 22 December 2009

Standups vs Team Meetings

When teams first start to pick up SCRUM, there is a tendency to let stand ups replace regular team meetings. The risks here are that your stand up will elongate and get off topic because it is the only chance you get to talk about issues as a group, yet your team cohesion will still suffer because no matter how long you can string out a stand up in the morning it won't be long enough to table all the things you need to get through as a team.

A stand up is a project-oriented meeting, all about running the day to day work of the team, has a tightly fixed agenda, is time bound, and specifically focused on what's required for today.

A team meeting is a team-oriented meeting, all about maintaining the team, continuous improvement, future requirements, and focussed on bigger picture topics.

They are definitely two very different meetings with two very different purposes, and both of them are necessary for a team to run smooth projects and keep productivity and job satisfaction high.

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