Monday 22 December 2008

Christmas, Ad Rev, and Charity

It's nearly Christmas (again!) and I hope you're way too busy enjoying the best this season has to offer to be reading this! With any luck, the systems and people you look after will all be humming along just fine, leaving you able to spend plenty of time with family and friends.

At times like this, it can be easy to forget that there are a lot of people out there who don't have it as sweet as we do. Where running water is a luxury, we'd find it difficult getting sympathy for our lengthy outstanding bugs list or early morning release woes!

I'm no Bono, but I like to contribute somehow whenever I come across a cause I believe in, but doing something specifically at this time of year has the extra bonus of reminding you of exactly how lucky you are during what can be a time of excesses.

Now, this blog has always been about the free exchange of ideas - a place where I can capture my original thoughts and experiences from the work I do, in the hope that it will help others with the work that they do. Whatever else it is, it's never been a money making exercise - and that's why I've never before tried to monetize the content, despite a growing readership (hello to both of you).

However, as of today, keener-eyed observers will notice a Google Ads box lurking surreptitiously in the right hand panel, ready to corrupt my benevolent posts with it's raw, unbridled, marketing vivacity. But don't worry - I haven't sold out yet! Here is the plan...

I'll run Google AdSense for the coming year, and around this time next year, donate all the revenue to charity. Every cent, and a moderate top up from myself.

It is impractical to pick a charity 12 months ahead, but the money will be donated via Global Giving or Just Giving (or maybe both) so that you can keep me honest. I'm thinking about supporting something which helps to establish education in 3rd world countries - that appeals to my "help those who are prepared to help themselves" philosophy - but will take suggestions from the community.

As well as cheques being posted next December, you can expect a running total, say, quarterly - and heck, if things go really well maybe we'll have a mid-year checkpoint and make a donation then too.

So, Merry Christmas and all the best for 2009, and remember, if you see something that interests you on the right hand side then give it a click - it's for a good cause!

See you next year

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well done eachan good thought and good practical idea