Friday 19 December 2008

Constraints and Creativity

Does the greatest creativity come from unlimited choice; a totally blank canvas with every possible option and no restrictions, or from difficult circumstances; where pressure is high, the problems are acute and all the easy avenues are closed?

History has proven necessity to be the mother of invention time and time again, and I've personally seen a lot of otherwise-excellent people become paralyzed when faced with too much opportunity.

The current economic circumstances are bringing this into somewhat sharp relief. From time to time I get approached by other entrepreneurs with an idea they want to develop - usually only a couple of times a year, but in the last couple of quarters I've seen half a dozen. There is something about this credit crunch...

Conditions are right for the sorts of things I've seen; internet based, self-service, person to person applications that look for efficiency by cutting out middlemen and using smarter fulfillment. They're all great ideas and I really wish I had the time to help them all out.

Returning to the point, would you get this kind thinking in times of plenty? Who knows, maybe something good will come out of this credit crunch after all.

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