Monday 1 June 2009

Good ops guys are hard to find...

Good operations is about staying one step ahead of the state of the system; taking proactive actions based on quality telemetry.

I’m reinventing how my sites are supported – if you’re an awesome one of these or a kick-ass one of these, then we should talk.


Unknown said...

Two friends of mine are in constant search of such a guy. The problem is, the guys who are able to be that kind of op are usually overqualified, and find the job boring.

Gabriel Pop said...

Hi Eachan, when it comes to Ops guys, I want to remind you that there's a gap in communication and coherent strategy between devs and ops. They lack not only a common tool set, but a common language to ease cooperation between them. Devs don't take (forget to) take into account operational concerns, when designing systems, ops lack tools to understand modern systems => inefficiency and in the worst case, downtime.

You should take this into consideration before reinventing how your sites are supported.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Gabi - and I agree, there is a definite gap between these 2 areas in most tech orgs. I wrote about it a while ago ( and I'm always looking at new ways to close it - what's worked for you?