Wednesday 28 April 2010

Nobody Wants Computers

Well they shouldn't - they should want what computers will do for them.

Many people turn up to conferences or SIG meetings and ask me how virtualisation or a centralised inventory database or VPNs (or pick something) will help their company. Misguided. My response is always the same - what is your business case and what benefits are you expecting? I do get quite upset when I don't get a good answer to that, because it means someone somewhere is cooking up some technology for technology's sake.

Sales functions are excellent at creating a need around a product they sell - great if you're in that business and I used to be - but it is the functionality your organization really needs that should matter. Talk to me about outcomes, goals, what you want to be able to do from a business capability perspective, and then the right technical solution will fall out of that.

Contorting business processes to fit a specific technology or vice versa - i.e. doing it backwards - only ever works when combined with a healthy dose of luck.

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