Wednesday 14 April 2010

Things change because people change

Occasionally I get a hard time for spending such a large part of my time with my teams, with the individuals, out on the floor in their work instead of in my office with 'my' work. Occasionally that's also fair - I have a different job than the people who report to me, and the the people who report to them, and that comes with different deliverables.

On the other hand a big part of my job is the performance of my department, the quality of their deliverables, and the continuous improvement of both of these.

New processes, technology changes, new policies, culture and structure are all part of it, but ultimately nothing is ever any different until individuals change their day-to-day actions and behaviours. You will never create lasting change by making rules and proclamations from behind a desk, or just by telling people to 'do better'. Lasting change only comes from sustained leadership focus; coaching and repetition and doing things differently together. When the man on the ground changes then overall results change.

Oh and don't forget my golden rule no. 22867: paperwork is an artifact of effective work - effective work is not an artifact of paperwork.

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